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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Gateway is committed to creating an inclusive and supportive culture in which all employees feel empowered, acknowledged, respected and valued. To formalize this commitment, the firm established the Gateway Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Committee in May 2021.

Our Mission and Vision

The Gateway D&I Committee is responsible for identifying opportunities to develop, promote and integrate diversity and inclusion principles throughout the organization. The Committee, chaired by the firm’s president, is composed of a diverse group of employees who represent different levels and departments within the firm.

The Committee will coordinate with and utilize the extensive D&I infrastructure of Natixis, a global investment management firm and Gateway’s parent company. Through Natixis, Gateway is able to access insights and perspectives across the organization and around the world.

What D&I Means to Gateway

Diversity:: Diversity is the amalgamation of qualities that makes every individual unique: characteristics, experiences, cultures, perspectives and cognitive approaches.

Inclusion: Inclusion is fostering an environment where each individual feels welcomed, respected, valued, supported and encouraged to be their true selves at work.

Gateway is committed to bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds, opinions and perspectives. Inclusion is embedded in the firm’s longstanding culture of collaboration, and openness as evidenced by the firm’s many long-tenured employees.




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